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Coaching & Running

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  • What kind of shoes do you need to wear for running?

    13 September 2013 ( #Shoes )

    [English] You decided to begin running. You are motivated and you are ready for the first stage: buying your sport shoes. For helping you to do the best choice, I’m going to explain the role of a shoe during running, and then I’ll advice you for buying....

  • Starting to run?

    02 November 2014 ( #Beginner )

    [English] For losing weight or simply for pleasure, you want to begin to run. You bought your shoes, your short and T-shirt. You even have a GPS but you don’t know how starting. I. Motivation You may not have enough motivation. Even for a professional...

  • For the pleasure of running...

    11 September 2013

    [English] Even if runners are too many to be count, as a coach, I know a lot about you. I know you’re here because you want to know more about your body and what happens when you run. You want to share too, because runner world is the oldest social network....

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